What efforts will be made to optimize the site for search engines?

he Testing and Deploying

Prompt: You will expand the management plan to include an approach to quality assurance, marketing and promotion, search engine optimization, and analytics. For each of these items you should document the specific choices that will be made, what other options were considered, and how you will measure success.


Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: New sections should be added to the existing Website Management Plan that address the following issues:


  • Quality Assurance: What approaches will be used to ensure that the site functions as expected at launch and in the future? How will the website be tested? What systems will be put in place to facilitate testing? What aspects of the site will be tested?
  • Marketing and Promotion: What efforts will be taken to promote the website?
  • SEO: What efforts will be made to optimize the site for search engines?
  • Analytics: How will data be collected to gain insight into visitor interaction with website? Exactly what data points will be used?

Guidelines for Submission: The Milestone Four Testing and Deploying document should follow these formatting guidelines: five pages, double spaced, 12- point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins. APA citations should be used for all sources.

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