What I learned in these past few weeks that it does not matter how well a company does for the corporation.


   For this last week Digby had to work through some issues as a company and we did not end the week well at all.  For Digby we ended the week in the Negative our Net income was a loss in the amount of ($2,286).  So our Net profit was the same ($2,286).  We also had another emergency loan in the amount of $15,913,203.  We didn’t even make a profit at all we were in the negative as well in the amount of ($2,285,767).  So for Digby as a whole this was not a great week.  Our stocks dropped ($1.60) this was going to happen because we did not do so well at all.  All of us had a good amount of Inventory left over at the end of the year.


For Dell in the R& D page I do not remember changing the performance coordinates which was changed to 3.2 or the size which was changed to 16.8 but it was changed.  Either way Dell did ok it did drop my age to 4.14 at the end  of the year which I wanted it to be 7.60 since I was working towards the age of 7.0 for my customers since this was the second most important aspect of the product.  My age of the product did not meet the expectation of my customer at all.  This is probably one of the reasons I ended up with 620 units at the end of the year.  This was a lot of units to carry over.  For Dell we did not make a new product since this will not benefit our customers at all.

Under Marketing I left the pricing alone at $21.50 since this was the most important aspect for our customers.  The reason for leaving the pricing alone was to stay competitive with my competitors.  My customer awareness was at 74% which was good for Dell I invested $1200 into the promotional budget which was the same from week 2.  This was a good margin for Dell I also left the sales budget alone as well at $950 this generated only 31% customer accessibility.  I still ranked number two in the Low end segment which was great for Dell.  Account receivable and payable I left it alone at 30 days.  Since this is the ideal time for payments to be received and paid.


For production I actually increased the units so that I could have some units left over.  I was left with more units that I wanted to for the end of the year.  620 units is a lot of units to be left with for a low end segment.  I did not buy any additional capacity and left the automation at 5.0.  Maybe I should not have left the automation at 5.0.  Second shift was utilized at 72% which was not bad for Dell since I wanted to be able to utilize second shift for Dell.  I was the only company for Digby to utilize second shift.  For our finance page I did not make any changes at all this was done right before the actual closing of the week.  The reason for this was to make sure that everyone had their input in for their product and to see if there was any way possible to make a profit.

For Dell we ended the year on a good note we ranked number two in the low end segment.  The potential market share for Dell was set at 14.6% and we actually did 21.4% which was really good for the company.  Under the Income statement for Dell we had $57,516 in sales.  Our variable cost where a total of $39,263.  This gave us a contribution margin in the amount of $18,253.  Our contribution margin was 32% and this is good because for a company you would like it to be over 30%.  Our period cost which consist of Depreciation, SG&A: R&D, Promotional, sales, and admin was a total of $6,510.  We still had a net margin of $11,744.  For the second week Dell had the most net margin for Digby.


What I learned in these past few weeks that it does not matter how well a company does for the corporation.  It takes all the companies for the corporation to do their best so that the company can succeed.  Understand what your customers need are surpasses what your competitors are doing.  It is also important to see what your competitors are up to so that you can take advantage and bring more customers to your company.  Even if you make a profit for your company the big picture is to help other companies to do the same so that the company is successful as a whole.  Making changes is never an easy task and it takes time and dedication to make sure that the changes that are made are meeting the customers’ demands.  It is also important to look at the big picture and help wherever you can to make sure the company is profitable overall.

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