What is a trust and how is it used? Can I use life insurance to help me fund a trust?

finance Homework


I need a 200 word response to each of the four questions. This looks like a big assignment but its only 800 total words.



  1. 1) Despite the crash of 2008 and 2009, real estate remains a solid investment over time. Why might this be the case? What is it about real estate that makes it a good investment? What kinds of real estate investment vehicles exist, and what are the characteristics of those vehicles? How do you, or could you, use real estate in your portfolio? Your 200 word answer should focus on selecting the most relevant factors and the investment potential of various types of real estate.




  1. 2) What is estate planning and why do I need it (or not)? What elements are contained in an estate plan? Do I need an attorney to help me prepare an estate plan? What is a trust and how is it used? Can I use life insurance to help me fund a trust? Do I need a will? What could happen to my estate if I die without a will? Why is it that so few people do estate planning? Post to the discussion board your 200 word answer to these questions.




  1. 3) For each of the following life insurance policies, describe a situation that is best suited for that type of insurance. Explain your answer:



  • Decreasing term insurance


  • Ordinary life insurance


  • Universal life insurance


  • Variable universal life insurance



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