What is the ethical dilemma and how do your proceed?

Imagine that you are a college senior, and the number draft choice for the national tennis team.

You are a good student, and you have worked hard to be the top tennis player in the region, while maintaining honor roll grades as a chemistry major.

You tutor your Tennis Coach’s son in chemistry, and it is not going well. Although Adam, is a wonderful high school freshman, he has a passion and aptitude for music, not science.

The Coach has planned that his son Adam is to be a medical doctor,

The Coach determines, under the athletic rules, whether your college will submit your name as a prospect for the national team. It is very competitive and this is your big chance.

You are required to submit a student assessment of Adam’s academic work, to his academic advisor. This is one week before the Coach submits his list to the National Tennis Team.

What is the ethical dilemma and how do your proceed?

Please use Managing Business Ethics: Straight Talk About How To Do It Right, Sixth Edition, Trevino; Linda, Nelson; Katherine; (Wiley, John & Sons, Inc., 2013, (ISBN: 978-111-858-267-1) as the only one reference and cite the specific page

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