What is the importance of human diversity in providing quality health care?

Human Diversity in Health Care


This paper is about the similarities and differences between the assigned ethnicity and common American culture in healthcare.




The ethnicity I was assigned is German.




This is a 5 page APA formatted paper (page count does not include title or reference page)




Other Questions this paper should answer:


*What is the importance of human diversity in providing quality health care?


*What is the importance of human diversity in the workplace?


*Do you consider yourself culturally diverse and what reason would you provide for your answer? (Note: I am Caucasian American but I have served on several long-term Mission trips to third-world countries like Haiti and Nicaragua. I also worked on a cruise ship for several months with a very broad spectrum of people.)


*Will having different cultural values with a patient affect the quality of care for that patient? Why or why not?




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