What is the major concern with the Kashmir problem?


PART I – Short Response: Answer in 1-2 paragraphs



The Korean War unofficially ended in 1953, resulting in the Communist North and Democratic South Korean states being divided by the Demilitarized Zone. How has the reclusive North Korean “juche” or communist government affected the geography of Southeast Asia? Consider economics, politics, culture, and potential military actions or alliances.











Directions: Search for two (2) peer reviewed research articles that will serve as the basis for your homework this week.



deBlij, Muller, and Nigman (2014) discuss the Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India in your text.  It has been a longstanding geographical problem that involves all aspects of geography, but has a focus in cultural geography.  Write a 2 page double-spaced, APA-formatted essay that evaluates the following:



  • What is the major concern with the Kashmir problem?
  • What parties/countries are involved in the Kashmir problem?
  • Has this dispute become violent?
  • Where does the issue stand today?
  • In your opinion, which side is correct in the Kashmir dispute?
  • Offer an idea that would provide a resolution to the dispute.
  • Include a map with your document that clearly demonstrates the area that is at dispute in the Kashmir.


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