What is the probability that a student receives at least one A in the two project assignments?

Descreate Probability Distribution – with some use of Excel

    1. Two records are to be randomly selected one after the other from an accounts receivable portfolio. The selected records are then examined to see whether they contain any error. (4 Points)
      1. List the experimental outcomes associated with this sampling process.
      2. If the random variable of interest is the number of records that contain an error, what values will this random variable assume for each of the experiment outcomes?
    2. Incoming calls to a call centre can have a waiting time of two, three, four, or five minutes before they are answered. The different waiting times occur at about the same frequency. (6 Points)
      1. Develop a probability function for the waiting time of an incoming call.
      2. Draw a graph of the probability distribution.
      3. Show that the probability function you developed in Part 2a satisfies the condition required for a discrete probability function.
    3. The following is probability function used to describe the numbers of times (x) a student receives an A in the two project assignments of a statistics course: (8 Points)

      f(x) = (3-x)/6 for x=0, 1, 2

      1. Is this probability function valid? Please explain.
      2. What is the probability that a student receives exactly one A in the two project assignments?
      3. What is the probability that a student receives at least one A in the two project assignments?
      4. What is the expected value of this probability distribution?
    4. A market research study on buyers of a condo project recorded the number of times a buyer visited the project web site before the purchase decision was made:


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