What is your reaction to the artwork?

BE AN ART CRITIC – Art Appreciation course (It’s DUE IN TWO HOURS from posting)


(It’s DUE IN TWO HOURS from posting)


Objective: Using the formal terms of art and design (elements, principles, composition, content) write a brief review about an artwork you choose -similar to the way an art critic would write for publication.  Choose the artwork from an article on a reliable internet source – Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York Times, Huffington Post, Denver Art Museum, possibly use Google for art related articles past or present, or it may be your choice for a reliable source.

The article you choose may cite an artwork or artifact from current/contemporary topic or refer to an ancient discovery.

Procedure: Use the following steps as an aid to writing a paper about the art you choose.  Three paragraphs; an introduction, body, and ending may comprise the paper’s form.

Step 1:  Statements that answer: Source? Where is the artwork located? Who made the work?  What type of art is it?  When was it made?  Other statements you think are necessary to introduce the art, artist, venue, location.

Step 2:  Describe what you see in the artwork:  The objects or images, animals, figures, buildings, etc., and the subject  – such as landscape, figure, portrait, sculptural, etc.  This gives the overall information about the work.

Step 3:  Describe the Formal Elements, Principles and other aspects of the artwork’s Composition.  Reference the Starter Kit in the beginning of the text and the study sheet, you will find helpful information here.  Describe the kinds of elements and/or principles, how they are used to create composition, effects, and communication. Include other statements that describe the form’s appearance and how this may connect to the expression or meaning.

Step 4:  Describe a summary of the information and your thoughts toward the artwork.  What is your reaction to the artwork?  Include other statements or comments that provide an ending to the review.

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