What kind of spatial devices are used to create dimensionality?

Discussion 6 Formal Critique

This discussion assignment is a formal critique of one artwork of your choosing. You are to write a formal critique (300 word minimum) of one artwork. Pick either your favorite piece or one that interests you because of the image, subject matter or content. You don’t have to “like” the artwork you choose to critique. You can choose an artwork you don’t understand or one you may question why it is considered art.

Remember this is a visual arts course primarily dealing with fine art.

Choose an artwork that fits within those guidelines.

In addition to the formal critique, you are required to read other student’s critiques and post questions, comments and replies (4 student critiques minimum) throughout the week the discussion is available.

Read the art critique guide before you begin writing your artwork critique:

A Guide to Writing an Art Critique

(Click on the Art Critique link in the menu on the left side of your screen.)

Formal Art Critique Directions

Include the following 5 items in your Formal Art Critique submission:

1. Introduction (The Introduction is NOT included in the 300 word minimum.)

Artist Name, Artwork Title (in italic font), Year the Artwork was created,

Artwork Medium, Scale of the Artwork.

Example: Georgia O’Keeffe, Purple Hills Near Abiquiu, 1935, Oil on canvas,

16×30 in.

Include an image of the artwork in your post. Use the Picture icon not the Paper

Clip. Remember to click on the image and drag inward diagonally from the corner

to resize the image if it appears too large when inserted into the text page.

2. Description (Subject Matter)

What Do You See? Make a list of the things you see in the artwork.

Describe the Subject Matter; objects, shapes, colors. Be specific.

3. Formal Analysis

Formally Analyze the composition using art terms, paying attention to the

Elements (line, shape, form, space, color, value and texture) and Principles

of Art.

Make statements about the relations among the things you named in the

description (number 2). You should note similarities and dissimilarities

(compare and contrast) in formal elements–such things as color, shape, or

direction. Take note of continuities (such as the color red repeated throughout

the artwork) and of connections (for example, the shape of a window repeated in

the shape of a table) between these formal elements and the subject matter.

What kind of spatial devices are used to create dimensionality? Overlapping?

Aerial perspective? Do you see examples of repetition or rhythm? Finally,

note the overall qualities of the work.

Here are a few vocabulary words to help:

Balance Symmetry vs. Asymmetry

Use of negative space Dominance

Emphasis Movement

Rhythm Unity

Variety Complementary Colors

Analogous Colors Primary Colors

Warm Colors Cool Colors

Value Intensity

Monochromatic Polychromatic

4. Interpretation (Content)

What was the intent of the artist? Make statements about the meaning(s) of the

artwork. (the content) This is the most creative part of your critique. Using a

hypothesis, support it with arguments, based on evidence given in the description

and formal analysis. (numbers 2 and 3)

5. Judgment

Make a decision about the artwork. Did it accomplish what was intended? Why

or why not? This is the place for personal opinion. What you actually think about

the artwork. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Be honest and be specific. If you

think the artwork is a piece of crap, you must explain why you think it is a piece of

crap. Statements without facts to back them up are like profanity insults; shallow

and meaningless. Fact less statements reveal more about the person making

them than the person the statements were intended to insult.

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