What kind of statistics can help evaluate relative size and allow for a better comparison?

Requesting professor James Kelvin need help with three of my classes senior capstone, financial statement analysis and strategic planning for business

Senior capstone

On page 26 there is a list of “Soft Skills Employers Look For.” Of the multiple skill sets mentioned, how do you rate yourself? Write a two page paper reflecting your assets and how you will promote yourself in this regard. Be certain to address the following topics/questions in your paper:

  • Introduction regarding the definition and importance of “soft skills.”
  • Of those listed on page 26, how do you rate yourself on each? State your #1, 2, 3 skills in the order you recognize as strengths.
  • Of the others on the list, are you planning to develop yourself in these areas? Please state the area which has most priority at this time.
  • Conclusion/ summary

Financial Statement Analysis

Suppose you are comparing two firms within an industry. One is a small firm and one is a large firm.

Please respond to all of the following prompts in the class discussion section of your online course:

  • What kind of statistics can help evaluate relative size and allow for a better comparison?

Strategic planning for business



o In the discussion this week, you will research SWOT analyses of organizations on the Web. For your homework this week, you are to create your own.

  • Select an organization with which you are all familiar.
  • Develop a list of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats that face the organization.
  • As you will see in this week’s reading, organizational success requires internal and external analysis. These frequently happen among management teams and sometimes include subordinate staff members as well. For this week’s class discussion, please complete the following:


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