What might be a problem with the research on parenting styles?

psychology science essays

There are two essays that need to be answered in length. Use citiations from the textbook chapters attached. No plargism.


  1. For this essay question, read the information in your Saylor

textbook in the chapter on Growing and Developing,Sect 4 (What makes a good parent?).For additional information so that you can adequately answer this question, you will need to go to:http://psychology.about.com/od/developmentalpsychology/a/parenting-

style.htm (You may need to cut and copy this link outside the classroom.)


  1. How should we raise our children? Discuss each parenting style

noting the advantages and disadvantages of each. Which style (or combination of

styles) would you prefer? Why? What might be a problem with the research on parenting styles?(Chapter 6) attached.


  1. On your way to work, you hear someone on a talk radio program arguing that the government is wasting money on educational programs because intelligence is inherited and some groups are born smarter than others. What are some possible weaknesses of the caller’s argument?

Note: In addition to discussing the importance of early educational programs on development, be sure to address the research on group differences in intelligence.  (Chapter 9). Attached.


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