What possible treatment could be provided for this disorder?

ption 1.


Diabetes Type II is on the rise not only amongst adults but amongst children and teens.  Explain why this is occurring.  Be sure to include an explanation of the gland involved, the hormones secreted, how they function (how they attach to receptors).  Include also a description of the specific risks this hyposecretion or hypersecretion is causing and why they happen as a consequence.



Option 2

A young woman visited her doctor concerned about her fatigue level. Following her physical, the doctor stated that her blood pressure and pulse were elevated. She had lost weight without trying, was having difficulty sleeping, perspiring more than usual and had continuing bouts of diarrhea. Those things, combined with the swelling in the front of her neck, suggested that she may be suffering from more than the stress of college life. Blood tests were suggested to check out what is going on.  Additionally, the girl asks if her bulging eyes (exopthalmia) could have anything to do with this issue.


  1. What blood tests in particular might the doctor order?
  2. What disorder do you suspect? And thus what hormones might be affected?
  3. Would the hormone levels be increased or decreased?
  4. What possible treatment could be provided for this disorder?


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