What shift occurred in book making and book illumination during the the Gothic period?

Q 1 What does the “Rottgen Pieta” say to the believer? 1. “What is your suffering compared to this” 2. “Your on your own” 3. “Truth is beauty and beauty is truth” 4. “Eat, Drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may die” Q 2 Where does the Gothic style first appear? 1. France 2. Holland 3. Germany 4. Rome Question 3 What shift occurred in book making and book illumination during the the Gothic period? What city was at the heart of the shift? 1. Book making was moving from the Monastic orders to urban workshops to meet larger demandParis was the center of this 2. Book making moved exclusively to the Monastic orders and under rigid papal censorshipRome was the heart of this 3. The printing press liberated knowledge with cheap books for allMunich was the heart of this 4. The printing presses and press shops were burned all over EuropeLondon was the heart of this Q 4 What happened to Rome in 211 BCE that changed Roman art? How? 1.M arcellus brought back the artistic spoils of a war against a rich Greek colony, and Romans went went crazy for the new style 2. Rome fell to carthage, and the art of Rome was dead for a century 3. The Egyptians settled in Rome and brought with them the art of the Pharaohs 4. Rome was conquered by Alexander the great, who brought Greek art and ideas to the Romans Q 5 What happened to most Roman bronze sculpture? 1. Christians thought it was impious and melted most of it down 2. Almost all of it survives 3. It has simply weathered away unless it was kept indoors 4. The Romans were poor metal casters and most of it fell apart Q 6 What did Bernard of Clairvaux think of ornamentation and sculpture? 1. He thought it was a distraction from the the law of god 2. He thought it was an aid to the spirit in contemplation 3. He was very pleasantly amused by it 4. He thought it was the work of the devil Q 7 How is the carving seen in “The Arch of Titus” different from previous Roman reliefs? 1. It is crude and unmotivated, as the empire was in steep decline 2. It is shallow, stiff and symbolic, like the art of the Byzantines 3. Deeper relief, powerful forward movement 4. Q 8 What happened in the year 1000? 1. An earthquake demolished Rome 2. Pretty much nothing 3. The “Black Death” killed a third of Europe 4. The 100 years war began Q 9 Were slaves and exslaves ever depicted in Roman art? 1. Yes, all the time 2. Almost never, because they could not afford it 3. Roman slaves were considered unworthy of artistic depiction and never represented in art 4. Roman Slaves were depicted as faceless wooden dolls Q 10 How is the emperor Caracalla characterized? 1. As Hericles 2. Brow furrowed, deeply suspicious 3. As an Egyptian Pharoah 4. As wearing the distant mask of absolute power

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