What sort of images do you think mythology creates for women?

Read and respond. Woman’s perceptions in ancient times. 400 words.

Short read and the response needs to be a minimum of 400 words with references to the reading. I can provide the reading via a .PDF file. The required reading is the Introduction to the 3rd chapter, but you may not need to read it entirely if you can answer sufficiently without.


Respond to these questions:


1. What sort of images do you think mythology creates for women? Do you think that some of the assumptions or stereotypes toward women might have evolved from mythology? What are the assumptions or stereotypes that you find interesting or problematic?


2. From Introduction to chapter 3, we notice that she points out several reasons why women’s creative work and lives are not well recorded throughout history. What are the reasons? How does the lack of sufficient information affect our understanding of women’s lives in ancient times? Whose lives gets recorded?

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