What status were you occupying and what were you learning to occupy?

socialization and agents of socialization

  1. Briefly discuss how any two Agents of Socialization have influenced your life.
  2. Explain one instance where you experienced anticipatory socialization.  Provide examples.  When you were experiencing socialization, what status were you occupying and what were you learning to occupy?

two agents of socialization that i would say influenced me is family and school.  family because i come from a large close nit family.  And school because thats were i gained my education and where i really learned to be social.


i would say i experienced anticipatory socialization when i decided too and became a cop as a black male.


I hop the little information given helps and you can elaborate on it.    Please read instructions carefully.  this has to be at least 275 word count, no more than 300 and APA format

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