What the philosopher helps you defend or criticize a particular practice?

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I need help at really serious philosophy paper.

I shakehands with other tutor but receive a just book summary. Do not write about whole book. It is philosophy paper. Pick some points from the book regarding to topic “Woman ineauality(Discrimination) in workplace” and develope and support your argument with philosopher John Stuart Mill’s stand point. (on Liberty and Expression)


Agin this it a philosophy paper


Three-Four (3-4) pages single-spaced, written in proper paper format with citations and bibliography (Use whichever style manual your major discipline requires—but please provide page numbers for citations).


Take one philosophical position on equality/justice from Naomi Wolf and discuss ethical issue of women inequality in workplace. Fully explain the position and the argument justifying this position.


Compare the chosen philosophical position with philosopher John Stuart Mill. Use this philosopher to help develop and show a deeper understanding of the issue. What the philosopher helps you defend or criticize a particular practice?



You are expected to carefully detail the steps of the philosophers’ arguments, develop your own position, and consider objections to your own view.

Please use the following rubric to help you organize and structure your paper”


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