what they did, and what was most effective.

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  1. Due Date
    Friday, December 18, 201511:59 PM
    Points Possible
  2. Business Proposal

    As an organizational consultant, you have been working with the management and staff of RPZ Marketing for several months now, listening, observing, asking questions, and making suggestions. During this time, you have completed your research on the company, and particularly on a specific business problem which you believe needs to be solved to enable RPZ Marketing to move ahead profitably in its marketplace. In the research paper that you completed in Unit 9, you built the case for the importance of addressing this problem, discussed alternative solutions, and made the case for the solution that you believe would be most beneficial to the company’s future. As you hand this report to the RPZ Marketing Board of Directors, you have the opportunity to make this case in person.

    The purpose of this assignment is to make your case by creating a persuasive presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint for the CEO and board of directors of RPZ Marketing.

    Your presentation should include no more than 15 slides, including your title slide and reference slide. As in a professional presentation, each slide should provide just key words, in headline format, along with any visuals you select to support the key ideas on that slide. Provide your more detailed narrative for the presentation in the Notes section only.

    Build your presentation to focus on providing just enough information from your research to be persuasive for an executive audience. Here is a sample outline for one approach:

    • Title slide. (1 slide.) Name the result expected when the problem is solved. For example, if profit margin had been the problem, your title slide might say something like, “Ensuring Sufficient Margins.” This slide should also include your name, the date, and “Prepared for RPZ Marketing.”
    • Problem slides. (2–4 slides.) In summary terms, explain the nature of the problem that you discovered, including why it is a problem, the key facts involved, and the impact the problem is having on the business. All of this information should already exist in your research paper from Unit 9.
    • Potential solution slides. (3–5 slides.) Summarize the approaches that others have taken to solve this problem, including the types of companies involved, what they did, and what was most effective. Again, all of this information should already exist in your research paper. The challenge is to organize the information to present, including selecting the key words to place on the slides.
    • Solution evaluation slide. (1 slide.) This should be a single slide in which you find a way to present the advantages of each approach in a visually appealing summary format.
    • Proposal slides. (1–3 slides.) Succinctly describe the approach that you recommend, and provide a concise summary of the benefits that RPZ Marketing should expect to experience if this solution is implemented.
    • Reference slide. (1 slide.) Cite the sources you used for potential solutions, along with any background information that you find critical for understanding the nature of the problem.


    • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
    • References: References and citations are formatted in consistent style, with a preference for APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
    • Number of resources: Minimum of 3 scholarly resources to support the solution identified as most productive for the problem identified.
    • Length of presentation: No more than 15 PowerPoint slides.
    • Detailed information: Slides should contain “headline” or bullet points only. Detailed information should be provided in the Notes section.
    • Font and font size: Arial 24–36 point font is recommended, with no text on the slides smaller than 20 point.

    Refer to the Business Proposal Scoring Guide to ensure that your work meets the grading criteria for this assignment.

    Your PowerPoint file is due by the end of this unit, no later than 11:59 pm Central Time on Friday.

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