What value can you add to an organization?

value proposition, key words, mission statement

 Here is the assigment


In building your own brand you want to answer the following:


1.     Why would an employer want your skills?

2.     What problems can you solve?

3.     What value can you add to an organization?


When your brand is clear to you then you can market and communicate your message to prospective employers with confidence.

So how do you go about building your brand?

  1. Create a Value proposition. This is a statement that summarizes the value you will add to an organization. 
  2. Develop a mission statement. 
  3. Come up with a list of keywords . Write down some adjectives that will describe how you want the user to perceive your site and you.

Develop a Value Proposition which isis a series of statements that define a job seeker’s value.  It explains what makes you the job seeker unique (including skills, strengths, and accomplishments), and how you will add value to a company.

You can use your value proposition throughout a job search. Use it to define how you are different from the competition.


Set a clear target. The PVP begins with a target, one that needs what you have to offer. You’ll prefer some directions, not others. Targeting will make you most effective.

Identify your strengths. It may sound obvious, but what you know and what you can do are the foundation of your PVP. Hone in on what those are.

Tie your strengths to your target position. Don’t leave it up to the employer to figure out how your strengths relate to what she needs. Let your PVP tightly connect you to the position. Connect the dots for her. Consider her perspective and know why she should hire you or promote you.

Provide evidence and success stories. Your strengths may be what an employer is “buying,” but your achievements are the evidence you have those strengths. They make your case convincing. Some people prepare a non-confidential portfolio to showcase that evidence in a vivid way. They collect reports they wrote that had impact. They pull together facts on measurable achievements such as sales growth or cost reduction.


Here are information you need to also included in the essay

I am a junior college student, female, finance major, and i want to write a job seeking porfolio. Here are my advantages I need you to add it in the essay: I am a trilingual, which means that I speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English. I am flexible at communicate with people who speak different languages. I am independent person because I spend four years study aboard. Feel free to make the rest up, try to make it more realistic. At least two pages.

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