What value would you give to a 10% shareholding in these companies?

Coursework – Accounting & Finance element You will be presented with summarised financial statements of two companies. You will have a unique assessment due to its mix of company financial statements. This coursework will be made available to students at 09.00 hours on 16th December 2015. Students are to submit their coursework on Module by 14.00 hours on the same day. All times are UK times. It has 70% of the total marks. The first company details. It will be given at 9 am 16 Dec. the submission at 2pm the same day The second company details It will be given at 9 am 16 Dec. the submission at 2pm the same day Note: don’t write introduction. Start answering the first question immediately . Required: Answer all parts of this assessment. Assuming you are employed as an accountant for a company, you are to provide advice to your Board of Directors. You are to prepare a report to analyze the results of the companies that you have been given, calculating as many ratios as you consider appropriate. This report should look at all aspects of the companies, including: Part A (40 marks) Should your company accept each of these companies as your customer? If so, discuss any sales policies that must be introduced. In this question, You should Write and calculate the following ratio: current ratio, creditors (payable) days, debtors (receivable) days, gearing ratio. Please show how do you calculate it. Part B (40 marks) Calculate and provide advice on the following: 1) What value would you give to a 10% shareholding in these companies? Should your company buy shares in these companies? 2) Prepare the 2015 Cash Flow Statement for each company. 3) Calculate the Z score of each company based on the most recent financial results. Show how do you calculate it Part C (10 marks) If your company were to acquire one or more of the companies, recommend areas of each business that can be improved using budgets. The remaining 10 marks will be awarded for the presentation and layout of your report. You are permitted to use any resources that you deem appropriate – much as a professional accountant or financial advisory would do. Therefore, you can use materials that you have prepared before 4th December such as pro-forma spreadsheet to calculate any appropriate ratios or the Cash Flow Statement (for 2015 only; 2014 is not required). There is no specified word limit. The limited time available will constrain the length of the report that you present. Remember that the directors will be seeking financial advice and that your advice should be presented in a report format. Note – for consistency when calculating ratios, please consider net profits and earnings after taxation. Could you check please the Marking and Feedback sheet in the last page.

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