What were people’s reactions?

In our complex society, there

are many social norms (e.g., don’t chew with your mouth open, hold the door for

others, face the front of the elevator). Some norms are explicit, while others are not.

For this project your assignment is to break a social norm. Important: YOU CANNOT

CAUSE INJURY TO ANYONE OR BREAK THE LAW! (For example, if you plan

to invade someone’s personal space, do not do it in a dark parking garage.) However,

find a norm and break it. Write about your experience:

Page 1 should be a detailed description of your motivation.

What norm did you pick?

Why did you pick it?

How did you learn about

Page 2 should be a description of your experience in breaking the norm.

What happened?

What were people’s reactions?

What was your reaction?


How did you feel? How do you imagine others felt?

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