What were your thoughts and experiences of gaming before this assignment?

Experiential Learning (25 pts.)


Observing, communicating, and participating in a virtual space is what we call cyber-ethnography. The researcher enters into an online environment to explore the communication, culture, and experiences that take place. For this assignment, you will be completing a gaming cyber-ethnography, where you will explore two online digital games. It is important to describe, analyze, and discuss the power, history, communication, and storytelling that exist in these games. You will be describe your experiences as a gamer and turn in your paper discussing your gaming experience on: Wednesday, Feb. 3, in Moodle DropBox.


Creating your cyber-ethnography gaming paper:


  1. Register online to create an account at: http://www.mission-us.org
  2. Play one of the four games of Mission U.S. Why did you select the game you choose? Out of the four games why did that story interest you?
  3. Based upon the communication between you and the other characters, explain the characteristics of your character in the game (e.g. Native American, female/male, the socio-economic status of the character, age, etc.). How did characters communicate with you?
  4. Did your character face any types of racism, sexism, or discrimination? If so, please explain.
  5. Take notes on the communication, missions, and interactions you see while you’re playing the Mission U.S. game.
  6. Finish the game. What happened at the end of the game for you and your character?


  1. The second game you will play is The Undocumented: http://theundocumented.com/
  2. Play the game as both a Migrant and Patrol Officer.
  3. Discuss the story and perspectives of this game.
  4. Compare both games, using some of the topics in your book and other vocabulary words and ideas we’ve discussed that you feel are relevant. Write a review of these two games, discuss the stories, identities, history, and your experiences as a gamer.
  5. What were your thoughts and experiences of gaming before this assignment? How are these two games different or similar to games you have previously played? After you’ve played these two games, how would you describe your experiences? Your papers should be 3 pgs., double-spaced, 12 pt. font.

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