Which theory do you find most credible and accurate?



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Please, do not copy wiki summary answers, I have already explored them. I request an explicit 8-9 page paper.

Make sure you respond to each question. This is a final. you can add page numbers as well. Coxx and McCubbins book is available at www.bookzz.org. These books are american politics classics revised. If you have taken an American politics class, you should have come across those.



(1) Compare and contrast the theories of congressional behavior espoused by Mayhew in Congress: The Electoral Connection, and by Cox and McCubbins in Legislative leviathan: Party Government in the House.

(2) Evaluate the empirical findings if provided. if no empirical evidence is provided, does the lack of empirical evidence detract from that theory?

(3) Is either argument time-bound, such that it applies better to certain periods of time than others, or do both of these theories apply across all time periods?

(4) Which theory do you find most credible and accurate? why? Make sure that you critically evaluate the relevant literature in your answer.


Due today by 21:30 pm

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