Why do we have assessments for specific types of criminal offenders?

5-6 EMPIRICAL SOURCES with in-text citation No direct quotes Attached is an overview of the information to assist with writing. 7 pages Points to answer & focus on: 1. Why do we classify offenders in the criminal justice system? (Offenders: Sex Offenders, Violent Offenders, Psychopaths) 2. How do we often go about classifying offenders and what is the history of how these procedures/tools were developed? 3. Violent Offender Assessment: VRAG – Violence Risk Appraisal Guide – Who created it? What was the Original Sample? – Who can use the tool? – -Summarize how it is used (community or incarcerated offenders) – What behavior does it focus on? – How is the assessment conducted? – what are the outcomes it predicts? – How often is this tool used? 4. Why do we have assessments for specific types of criminal offenders? For example, why do we have assessments just for sex offenders? or violent offenders? or psychopaths? 5. What is the future of classification and assessment?


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