Why is it important to know how to check your bandwidth?

Testing Your Bandwidth

The Internet provides a lot of different sites to test your bandwidth. Such sites include speedtest.net, toast.net, and

testmy.net. Find your preferred broadband testing website, and perform the following test:

1. Test your current bandwidth, and write down the results. Compare your results against national averages (where

applicable). How did your bandwidth perform? Do you have the fastest Internet available from your Internet

Service Provider (ISP)?

2. Reset your modem or Internet connection along with your internal router and switch (if you have one). Test your

bandwidth again. Post your results to this assignment, and answer the following questions:

a. Were you surprised at the results?

b. Why is it important to know how to check your bandwidth?

3. Discuss how a bandwidth is defined within the realm of IT and what factors may affect the speed of your Internet.

ITC 3450, Introduction to Data Communication 3

Your assignment should be a minimum two-page paper with any graphs, tables, or appendices appropriately cited using

APA style writing.



Mansfield, K. C., & Antaonakos, J. L. (2010). Computer networking for LANs to WANs: Hardware, software and security.

Albany, NY: Delmar Cengage Learning.


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