Why is the use of virtual reality so important to the not yet released S90 sedan?

Virtual Values” mini-case study assignment- Part 1

This mid-term assignment offers course participants a marketing strategy learning experience based on virtual reality games (VR).  This experience will include analysis a mini-case study about one leading multinational company using VR marketing approaches (Part 1) and an opportunity to gain a glimpse into participating in an actual VR marketing ethics game (Part 2, which will be announced early in Week 7).   Please choose one of the following mini-case studies to analyze- Volvo, Nike, or Airbnb. Please draft a 2-3 page paper (double-spaced, normal font) that addresses the questions following the case study you have selected, and submit through the Bb Learn Assignments dropbox by 8 pm (EST), Sunday, February 21.  You are free to research your case study from any reliable source, including reports, videos, and other types of media.  Please cite your sources. To help prepare for this assignment, I have posted a brief background paper on VRG, contained in the Week 6 Course Content Folder.


When car buyers visit Volvo showrooms next year, they will be able to put on a Microsoft HoloLens virtual reality kit and experience what the yet-unreleased S90 sedan will look like, inside and out. They’ll be able to spin it around, look at the engine block floating in space in front of them, and see on-road demos of the safety features and more. In subsequent campaigns, Volvo and Microsoft hope to be able to simulate the experience of sitting in the car and using the dashboard controls.

Why is the use of virtual reality so important to the not yet released S90 sedan?

Do you think that only having this experience available in showrooms is limiting the scope of the campaign?

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