Why this may have been the case and what I might do to improve the situation if I were to repeat the exercise

1. In Chapter 3 I need a write up on the fact the researcher only had a small number of respondents – and then discuss in chapter 5 why this may have been the case and what I might do to improve the situation if I were to repeat the exercise. (You could consider whether the researcher asked enough people in the first place, whether you could have done more to prepare potential respondents so that they were more likely to complete his/her questionnaire, whether there was more he/she could have done to make sure that the questions and response choices were clear (for example, did he/she pilot the questionnaire?).

2. In section 2.6 Modern Concepts in Project Management – Briefly appraise where KPO is at in view of modern concepts. . I was advised to look at “Project, programme and portfolio maturity model” and “Project management office”; at least recognizing these would help to make the dissertation more up-to-date. These would help to compare KPO with current practice internationally.
For information, KPO has a Program me Mgnt Office which is not quite PMO. Need write up how advanced is its work in PMO and where KPO would fit on the PPP Maturity model and also consideration of further work that could be done to build on my own investigations and findings. there is some write up with definitions in this section and extract from KPO document which you can use to build the discussion on.

Chapter 5. is a bit weak. There are two things in particular suggested to add: firstly, a comparison of questionnaire and interview findings (to what extent did they agree/disagree), secondly, a more definite set of recommendations for the senior management at KPO.

I will attach my work. Please make any editing using track changes mode!

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