An analysis of the business environment of the firm.

Description of
Assessment Task This an Individual report and should be 2000 words (+/- 10%) excluding references, tables, appendices.

The task is to produce a report that assesses the analysis of the external and internal environment of an organization

You may choose a company from the following industry: Travel Industry

The Travel industry is broken down into many segments:
Car Rental
Travel Accommodation
Tourist Attractions

You should choose one of these segments to study rather than the whole industry

You should consider the current strategic issues facing the industry and the firm and report on the key trends that will affect the industry segment in the foreseeable future.

A guideline for the analysis is given below:

1.An analysis of the business environment of the firm.  You should consider the main competitors and their competitive position; market details (value; share etc.); current trends in the market; future trends in the market.  Evidence should be provided to support claims and information contained in the report.
2.You should identify the strategy of the specific company that you have selected (Strategic Position and Value Proposition)
3.You must make appropriate use of carefully selected tools and frameworks to help you to conduct and structure your analysis


It is not sufficient to just report on the basic facts (such as market share), although these are important. Analysis requires you to demonstrate an understanding of how key trends and developments are likely to affect the industry segment. Thus application of a tool or framework that only gives the current status of the industry and does not offer interpretation as to how this might change and what the affect on the industry might be is not adequate. Your opinions must be backed up by evidence.

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