Describe 2 additional developmental materials or activities to address skill level or needs of the children.

Unit 3 Assignment: Analysis of Enironment Designs

This unit analyzes the different ways you can adapt the environment to meet the needs of the children in your class. When designing your environment, it is important to keep in mind the skills that the children in your group are learning and have mastered. The way you arrange your classroom, and the materials you fill it with can have a big impact on the kinds of play and learning opportunities you provide to your students.

For this Assignment, you will use the developmental milestone chart, unit readings, and four classroom models provided to analyze the physical design, developmentally appropriateness of materials, and need for adaptive materials for each age-level classroom model on the template located in Doc Sharing.

For each classroom model, you analyze the physical design and materials and then:

  1. Describe 2 additional developmental materials or activities to address skill level or needs of the children.
  2. Describe 2 changes you would make to the physical design of the classroom to promote optimal learning through play.
  3. Describe 2 adaptive materials or activities to address the needs of children with the following diverse needs:
    • 1-year-old infant who is not yet crawling
    • 2-year-old toddler who has difficulty with hand-eye coordination.
    • 4-year-old preschooler who needs sensory stimulation.
    • 6-year-old ESL learner (English as Second Language)

You will also include an overall two paragraph reflection describing how the developmental domains were incorporated, which theories influenced the design of the classrooms, and the selection of materials for each of the age levels. Be sure to incorporate citations and sources to support statements made.

The grading rubric that will be used to evaluate your Unit 3 Assignment is located in your class Syllabus. Be sure to complete all of the boxes on the Assignment template and check for correct spelling and grammar.

Finally, your assignment will include a title page and reference page with at least three sources. Su

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