Does it provide too much information that is irrelevant for a summary?

Phyllis Young


Discussion 1: Summarizing Material


Provide a summary of one of the assigned stories. Make sure your summary addresses the following questions.






Setting: where and when does the story takes place?






Characterization: who are the main characters? Who is the protagonist, antagonist, supporting characters?






Narration: who is telling the story? Is it a third person omniscient narrator or is it a character narrator?






Plot: What is the central issue in the story? What is the conflict? How is it resolved?


Make sure the summary provides a topic sentence that establishes a context for your reader. Keep the summary brief – no more than 5-6 sentences. Then respond to two other students’ summaries. Does it adequately address the story? Is it missing an element? Does it provide too much information that is irrelevant for a summary?


Discussion 2: What is Critical Analysis?


Literary criticism implies close reading more than evaluative judgment about a work of literature. Read in




The Norton Introduction to Literature about different critical approaches in analyzing literature, pp. 1228-1332.

Look up the term online and see what you can come up with as an understanding of what you are to do in writing a critical analysis of a piece of literature.





The Norton Introduction to Literature



 “Fiction: Reading, Responding, Writing” pp. 12-57


 Poe, “The Cask of Amontillado” p. 107


 Melville, “Bartleby the Scrivener,” p. 372


 “Critical Approaches,” pp. 1228-1332



“Research Strategy.” Section 50-55 (pp. 347-412). Information on the research process.


 “Reading and Writing about Literature.” Section 56 (415-422


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