Describe how data analytics and big data are used by the company to enhance its competitive position.

Section #1- Appropriateness of Supply Chain (10 points)

This section of the analysis should include some important facts concerning your subject company including its history, products or services, geographical location(s), financial information and its major competitors. Discuss the way the organization creates value and describe its supply chain in terms of its inputs, throughputs and output. Discuss the organization’s major issues, challenges or problems particularly as it is related to its supply chain.

Section #2- Sustainability of Supply Chain (10 points)

Describe and discuss the supply chain as it relates to sustainability, both natural and social. That is, describe the way the company’s supply chain impacts the natural environment and any changes that might be anticipated in the next several years particularly with regard to anticipated changes in the regulatory environment. Describe and discuss the sustainability of the company’s supply chain in terms of its relations with its human environment, particularly its possible effects in the realm of corporate social responsibility either in the US or in other parts of the world where its supply chain may reach.

Section # 3- Use of data analytics and big data (10 points)

Describe how data analytics and big data are used by the company to enhance its competitive position. You may use the Sander’s text’s structure of considering the effect of data analytics or big data on the company’s sell, make, move or buy decisions. Consider how data analytics and big data are used to support or strengthen the company’s overall corporate strategy.

Class Presentation (10 points)

Beginning on December 9, 2015 and finishing in the Final Exam period, all student teams will make an oral presentation of Sections #1-3 to Dr. Hartman and the class. This presentation should be about 20 minutes in duration and all team members are required to participate equally in the presentation. Note cards may be used by presenters but reading is discouraged. Business attire is requested (ties and coats for men, appropriate dress for women). Supporting visuals or samples are encouraged. Presenters should be prepared to answer questions posed by Dr. Hartman and the class.

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