Explain how well or poorly the existing process and/or dispute systems design addresses the area of conflict.

CITATION FORMAT: For both outline and final paper, use any reasonable citation and
bibliographical format, including footnotes in law review style, or references in American
Psychological Association or Chicago Manual of Style with in-text parenthetical
citations. You may use another format if I approve it in advance. However, be sure to cite
consistently, and to cite all sources appropriately and give me a page reference (pinpoint
cite) for quotes. The failure to cite your sources may result in concerns regarding
academic misconduct.
6. FINAL PAPER STRUCTURE: What follows is a suggested organization for your paper:
a. Thesis Paragraph: Identify a reasonably focused area or category of conflict
related to your future work. Write a thesis paragraph in which you identify the
area of conflict and clearly state your thesis about how to improve the way the
process or system addresses it.
b. History: Briefly explain the history of the how the disputants handle this area of
conflict and the existing systems to address it.
c. Literature Review: Report and critique the current empirical, social science, and
law review literature related to your topic and conflict management. THIS IS
CRITICAL. A number of people have been surprised and disappointed by their
final grade on this paper when they fail to thoroughly research the literature
related to their topic. You will find law review articles in LexisNexis Academic
Universe, empirical social psychology research in JSTOR, EBSCO, and related
academic databases in the Top Ten list of the IU Library link from the IUB main
web page, and a number of books, many published by Jossey-Bass/Wiley and
Sage. In international ADR, the literature may be in political science books and
journals as well. Key journals are Negotiation Journal, Conflict Resolution
Quarterly (formerly Mediation Quarterly), Journal of Dispute Resolution
(Missouri), Ohio State Journal of Dispute Resolution, Journal of Conflict
Resolution (Political Science), International Journal of Conflict Management,
Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, Harvard Negotiation Law
Review, and others.
d. Critique: Explain how well or poorly the existing process and/or dispute systems
design addresses the area of conflict. It is appropriate to use secondary sources
from any combination of law, science, social science, or policy literatures in this
e. Proposals and Rationale: Suggest alternatives, which may include a new structure,
process, or system, new policies, management strategies, training, curriculum,
legislative proposals, regulatory proposals, or other solutions. Explain how these
would improve current practice.
f. Conclusion: Remember to conclude with a brief recap of your argument.
g. References: Please include complete information

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