Did you remember to put the listings in alphabetical order, for instance?

Use the first part of the week to add the final touches to your research. Once you have a collection of 8 to 12 scholarly sources that you think say something on your thesis, put together your annotated bibliography and turn it in. Follow these steps.


From your collection of 8-12 tentative scholarly sources, select the 4-6 sources you think may be the most useful for your paper.

Skim through the relevant sections of all 4-6 sources completely and carefully, highlighting or underlining main ideas and passages you may want to refer to in your paper.

Write short summaries or “annotations” (about 5 to 7 sentences each) of these 4-6 sources.

Paste each of the 4-6 source annotations into your APA style reference page, right below where each source is listed.

Do a final edit. Is your APA citation correct and complete throughout the document? (Remember, you can check APA style in your college’s Online Library.) Did you remember to put the listings in alphabetical order, for instance? Are your annotations free of mechanical errors?


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