Explain why a matrix can be useful in conjunction to the appointment schedule.

Alternate to Replace Lesson 3, Exercise 1


1.      Discuss the reasons why it may be beneficial to provide spaces during the day in the appointment schedule. Explain what a buffer time is?




2.      Explain why a matrix can be useful in conjunction to the appointment schedule.




3.      Describe why it is important to adhere to the Policy Manual protocols regarding appointment scheduling.




4.      Explain why it is crucial to provide professional verbal communications regarding appointment delays.




5.      Discuss how rescheduled appointments should be handled.




Alternate to Replace Lesson 4, Exercise 1


1.      If a patient is scheduled for a hospital admission/procedure, is it appropriate to send the office registration and authorization form to the hospital for the patient’s admission? Explain your answer.




2.      Who may receive information concerning the patient’s medical condition? Can the entire medical record be released? Why or why not?

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