Explain you r weekly muscular exercise programme.

In Assignment 2 you will be required to plan and explain you r weekly muscular exercise programme. You will have to hand in your report arranged in the following order: Page 1 – Rubric Page 2 – Introduction (list and explain 4 benefits of resistance training – Corbin Chapter 9 p.162 , approximately 16 sentences )  Pages 3 – 8 (approximately) – y our planned sessions (1 session per 1 or 2 page s ), find the template for sessions in Appendix 1 (using Appendix 1 as a template for planning the session is compulsory) for Assignment 2 ; In the Appendix 2 you will find the Areas of the  Body and examples of muscles in these areas as well as a brief explanation how to divide you training during a week.  In Appendix 3 you will find the sample planed session. Use the sample as an example , do not copy it.  Use the parts of the textbook that you have used for Assignment 1 and Assignment 1 itself for planning your programme . Page 9 – Summary of Student’s Exercise Programme: 2 key features of programme (I used the body resistance exercises as well as emphasized stretching exercises) and explanation why these key features were emphasized . (Approximately 8 sentences – the key features can be: “I am a football player and want to improve the strength of my lower body…”, “I designed my programme in order to improve my overall fitness and use mostly body resistance exercises…”, “Last year I had my shoulder dislocated and after a period of rehabilitation I now want to improve the strength of my upper body and stabilize my shoulder joints…”, “Through doing my programme I want to improve my posture…” ) . This part of your work ought to be approximately 8 sentences long. Page 1 0 – References in APA style

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