How much power do you think the President has to influence the public and Congress?

Poli Sci HW



What do you think of the bully pulpit/power of persuasion argument?  How much power do you think the President has to influence the public and Congress?  Do you tend to agree with Friedman that Obama has failed in his mandate or Dickenson, that he didn’t have enough power to succeed?  When you compare the modern presidency to the constitutional presidency, and consider the advent of mass media, do you think presidents are more or less powerful today than in the past and how does this power as used through the media and persuasion fit with your ideas about how democracy should work?


Refernce 3 of the 5 articles in your the answer


Read the review of Neustadt’s Presidential Power by Michael Nelson




Then, read “The Unpersuaded” from the New Yorker




Read “Washington vs the Merciless”  – Friedman’s take on the passionless Obama




Read Matthew Dickenson’s response:




Look at Obama’s speech on gun control from January 5, 2016



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