How this issue relates to concepts/theories from class.

These presentations should be composed in PowerPoint, with slides that highlight the main points of your topic. The notes section below each slide will elaborate on the content of the slide. The notes section should reflect what would be said in a live presentation to the class. Presentations should consist of about 11-13 slides. After your presentation slides, please include a slide listing your references. This folder contains two example projects in this format.

You will be graded on providing original information from outside the course, your analytical thinking about the issue and the clarity and creativity in how the ideas are presented. Your project might examine: what the issue is, why the issue is important, how this issue relates to concepts/theories from class, how the issue affects employees, whether there are any new developments to this issue beyond what we’ve discussed in the course (i.e. new laws, new court cases, recent events), management implications for dealing with the issue, etc.

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