How would you show your client the benefits of a marketing plan?

discussion 4 2

follow format below and 250 word

Discussion 2: Marketing Plan

Imagine you are consulting with a manager of a business that sells cleaning supplies to nursing homes.

Your client wants to develop a marketing plan but has a small budget for marketing his business.

  • How would you show your client the benefits of a marketing plan? 
  • If your client does not agree with your marketing strategy for his business, explain how you would respond and what approach you would use to convince the client the marketing plan can be successful.


  • You must use the text and at least one additional scholarly source.
  • Do not copy and paste information from the Google search, or internet pages, or your text book. If you want to quote something (with proper citation), you should then add your thoughts and discuss how you find that information related to your viewpoint. Do not repeat the facts of the text or DQ.
  • You should bring up fresh ideas, or share your experience related to the topic. You can also ask questions and seek your classmates’ opinion, BUT provide your reflections about your own questions first to show your position before asking others about their viewpoint.

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