Identify of the key benefit performance measures to be realised via the best business case alternative.

Need Harvard referencing Also check the additional files Please you need to read the additional files properly to really structure this case development project order. Coursework Submission (Element 1 & 2) o For the first part of a Business Case assignment, you need to submit the following: o Element 1 – System Dynamic Model (30% weighting) o Element 2 – Cash-flow Spreadsheet (20% weighting) o Element 1 – System Dynamics model o Individually you shall develop and show through a system dynamic model the exploration of 2 alternative business case scenario options in order to come to a conclusion of a strong business case out of the 2 alternatives, using a qualitative system dynamics modelling, you shall show the impact upon the business case and processes involved in your case. This shall help you identify of the key benefit performance measures to be realised via the best business case alternative. o System Dynamics model software For the system dynamics model, consider utilising one of the above software’s as provided under lecture 9 area, above. o Element 2 – Cash-Flow Spreadsheet. o Individually you shall develop and show the potential of your business case with an analysis of the 2 alternatives you have. This shall be undertaken through an analysis of the cash-flow (developing a cash-flow spreadsheet for each 2 alternative) of the 2 alternative project scenario, as developed through element 1 – system dynamic modelling. The case-flow spreadsheet analysis should identify the key risks and potential impact upon the benefits and costs of the alternative 2 projects. Identification of key cost performance measures is to be realised, via the spreadsheet analysis. This template can be used to make up your cash flow for your alternatives. Necessary amendments within the document should be made on each worksheet, formulas have already been made and any extras added should follow the same formulas as in the file, worksheets. Do read the colour coded legends (keys) for adding content

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