Identify the populations served and any issues of population vulnerability.

Emerging Standards of Care Paper

Review emerging standards of culturally competent care. Here are possible resources to use:

DHHS Office of Minority Health National Center for Cultural Competence AHRQ Annie E. Casey Foundation

Write a 3,500-word paper that explores the following topics in your workplace or a setting that you select for this discussion:

**Define culturally competent care appropriate for your own workplace, based on your perusal of the assigned readings. **Identify the populations served and any issues of population vulnerability. Comment on standards of cultural competence that appear to be met and any that are not met. **Identify how delivery of nursing care could be affected where standards are being met and where they are not being met. **Comment on solutions that could be implemented where standards are not being met.

APA format; 4 or more references (pls utilize resources above)

DUE DATE: 12/15/2015 @ 10 am PST

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