Identify trends in the healthcare industry.

This assignment will require in depth research into current topic areas to identify trends in the healthcare industry. General topics that may be chosen for further research include: Employment Law – Discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, public policy, affirmative action, FMLA, OSHA, worker’s compensation Ethics – Medicare fraud, abuse laws, stem cell research, cloning, advertising, conflict of interest, fee splitting, staff privileges, professional courtesy, medical records, professional rights and responsibilities Relationship Management -arbitration clauses, crisis management, customer patient relations, alternative dispute resolutions Risk Management – HIPAA, malpractice, compliance, confidentiality, record keeping, incident reporting Healthcare Law – Stark Laws, Licensure Laws, i.e., certificate of need laws, Regulatory Laws, licensing of facilities, IRS regulations, Anti-Kickback Laws (hospital -physician and/or industry-physician) Action Items Complete all required assigned readings prior to working on this assignment. Review the topics listed in the Overview. Select one element in EACH topic to research further. Identify major issues going on now in these elements and discuss what you are doing now to avoid violation in each element. Research and predict upcoming trends and potential risks to your organization/department. Create a strategic plan for EACH element to meet any changes/challenges. Create strategic recommendations to your organization to mitigate liability in these areas. This can be in a form of policy and procedure changes or proposals for change. Prepare a comprehensive package that presents

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