The outline will have the Thesis Statement, the topic sentence and three subtopics to support the topic sentence.

Guideline and Overview of the Argumentation Assignments Part 1. Read (3) three readings. Write one summary preparation sheet (as a draft for yourself). Then submit a two paragraph paper to safe assign. There are three places for your submission in safe assign on the blackboard. Summary Response Reading 1. Summary Response Reading 2. Summary Response Reading 3. The Summary Response Structure: The first paragraph is the summary with the first sentence giving the name of the author, the year of the publication, the name of the publication, a reporting verb, and the overall main idea of the reading. The remainder of the paragraph is the main idea of key points in your own words. (5 to 6 sentences) (100 words or so). The second paragraph is your response to one of the ideas that you would want to use in a paper (if you were writing one) about technology nowadays, mobile phones, or some other topic related to the reading. You will start this second paragraph with a reference to the author, the work, and the year. This paragraph will be 75 to 100 words. Part 2. Next you will write a reference list for these three readings, making sure that you put the names in alphabetical order and following the APA 6 guidelines. (There is a sample reference list on the blackboard). Part 3. You will write the outline of your argumentative paragraph (or paragraphs), using these three sources. The outline will have the Thesis Statement, the topic sentence and three subtopics to support the topic sentence. You will structure the paragraph to have • one subtopic in favor of the modern uses of technology, • one subtopic against how technology is used now ways, • the last one can be on the topic you choose – either for technology use or against technology use Use the outline template that is given. Give one quote and the in text citation from the readings provided.


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