What factors must a court take into account when selecting a jury of “your peers?

JUST NEED A PARAGRAPH FOR EACH PART (1, 2, AND 3) #1 As we have studied, a defendant has many rights during a trial (speedy trial, public trial, etc.). Review the various trial rights and the source of these rights. Which right do you think is most important and why? Do you think that there are any trial rights that are not adequately protected or enforced Are there any specific trial rights that you might change/add to? Be sure to explain and support your answers. #2 Danny the Defendant, a white man, was indicted by a grand jury for murder. Danny moved to quash the indictment because of a long history of racial discrimination in the selection of grand jury forepersons in Nomansland, Florida. Danny argued that no African-American had served as a foreperson for the past 16 years despite the fact twenty percent of the registered voters were black. Danny claimed such practices violated his Fourteenth Amendment equal protection and due process rights. The trial judge denied Danny’s challenge, holding that he lacked standing as a white man complaining about the exclusion of African-Americans from serving as forepersons. Do you agree? Why or why not? What factors must a court take into account when selecting a jury of “your peers?” #3 Do you think the “disease prevention model” is realistic for dealing with cop stress? Explain your position. If you think it is good, explain how a police agency should implement this type of model into their everyday protocol.


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