The research proposal is a planning document giving a rational and detailed descriptions of their entire research process and objectives.

Project description
research topics in the context of business that reflect their professional and
personal interests, and represent contemporary challenges in their field of studies. The topics should be
expressed in such way that they are researchable in scientific terms (focused and answerable
questions/issues) and realistic (amount of available and required information and data and reasonable
level of implementation requirements).
The research proposal is a planning document giving a rational and detailed descriptiong of their entire
research process and objectives.It should demonstrate a critical approach to the literature using an
appropriate range ofreviewed sources (academic papers, books, etc.) with the majority of them being
academic and professional work and referenced using the Harvard System. References should be used
where appropriate throughout the whole report.
The report should, also justify the students choice of research design. The student needs to justify
why s/he have selected certain types of research methods, including sampling and data collection if
s/he use primary data.

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