What has been the impact of these changes workplace relationships?

Added on 11.12.2015 14:22
This is the first paper assignment for this course. Your completed paper of 8-10 pages (in rtf or doc format) should be submitted as an attachment by hitting the \”create assignment\” button below.

In writing your paper, you should draw on and explicitly cite and refer explicitly to all of the assigned articles in the Wharton text as well as \”The Ruthless Economy\” by Simon Head to discuss the following: what are some of the ways in which work has been understood by various theorists in the text? Who defines the parameters of work? What were some of the key historical conceptions about work and how is the new workplace organized? How has technology and flexibility on the job changed the social organization of work? Finally, how do understandings of human relations shift as a result of these transformations in the workplace?

In the second part of your essay, you will be asked to explore the main thesis of
The New Ruthless Economy: Work and Power in the Digital Age, by Simon Head. In particular, you will be asked to explain what some of the features are of \”The New Economy,\” and the ways in which information technology has shifted the kind of work done by lower and upper level employees? What has been the impact of these changes workplace relationships?

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