To what extent did the United States maintain a consistent foreign policy during the Cold War?

1 “The prescribed separation of powers within the U.S. Constitution has hamstrung American foreign policy ever since”. Discuss

2 To what extent did the United States maintain a consistent foreign policy during the Cold War?

3 U.S. Foreign policy is made by an established set of interests rather than those on Capitol Hill. How far do you agree?

4 Explain the relationship between the promotion of democracy and U.S. Foreign policy.

5 The greater disjuncture in U.S. Foreign policy came on 11/9 in Berlin (1989), than 9/11 in New York (2001). Critically discuss this proposition.

6 “The United States has been an imperial power since the American Revolution”. Critically discuss.

7 To what extent has there been a meaningful Presidential Doctrine of US foreign policy making?

8 “American foreign policy is nothing more than a rationale for naked self interest”. How far do you agree?

9 Provide a critical case study of U.S. foreign policy with respect to either Africa, South Asia or the Far East. Purpose:

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