What are her criticisms of how other scholars have defined this term?

Cinema history response paper

Please write a 300 word response to the following prompt. 

Have you seen any films that you would have classified as “World Cinema” before reading Lucia Nagib’s essay, “Towards a Positive Definition of World Cinema”? If so, share something about the experience that stayed with you. After reading her essay, how would you define World Cinema? Her essay provokes the question: Whose “world” does World Cinema refer to? What are her criticisms of how other scholars have defined this term? How and why does it matter according to her? What do you think? Reflect on how your experience and place in the world shapes the way you see World Cinema. If The World by Jia Zhang-ke is the first film that you’ve seen that you would classify as World Cinema, use a specfic example from the film to flesh out your response to the question. You may also use examples from other films you’ve seen if you think they fit the bill. (Include the title and director’s name.)

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