What are the four terms to describe MNE approaches to managing and staffing subsidiaries?


All 12 questions should be a min of 200 words each question.  references cited and noted apa guidelines apply.



Unit 2

1.  Country of origin can strongly influence a firm’s approach to organization structure. As MNEs from China and India internationalize, to what extent are they likely to differ from Japanese, European, and U.S MNEs?

2.  How can social relationships be considered a control?

3.  What are issues of standardization and localization in general for MNEs and how do they particularly manifest themselves in the IHRM activities

4.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of the global matrix structure

Unit 3

1.  Why would a company enter into an international joint venture?

2.  What is the difference between merger and acquisition?

3.  What are the two-equity based forms of cross-border alliances?  Describe each function.

4.  What are the four phases of M&A, and what happens at each phase?

Unit 4

1.  Discuss the six roles of an expatriate

2.  What are the most common reasons for rejecting an international assignment?  Do different countries have different reasons for assignment rejection?

3.  What are the four terms to describe MNE approaches to managing and staffing subsidiaries?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

4.  Discuss the externally and internally established barriers to females taking international assignments

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