What are the possible applications of your project?

Plagiarism Quiz
You should complete the quiz and also visit the Skills@Library website for more information on academic integrity.

Your work will be uploaded to Turnitin. If you plagiarise, you will be caught. Several students have been excluded from the University over the last couple of years for plagiarism. Don’t let it be you!

Your report will also contain your code. This mini-project is an individual piece of work. Do not let your friends and classmates copy your code. This is collusion.

Report Outline
Create your report in Word or similar software. Use the following structure:

Title Page (include your name and SID)
Contents Page
Hardware Description
Software Description
Results and Testing
Use relevant subsections as you see fit i.e. 4.1 LCD Display

The suggested length is 10 to 14 pages. The appendix does not count towards the page length.

This is your opportunity to set your report in context.
What is an embedded system?
What is a microcontroller?
What are the possible applications of your project?
List a set of clear aims and objectives for your project.
To get the best marks, you are expected to do further reading and not just rely on the lab notes.

Hardware Description
Present an overall system block diagram.
Discuss each block in depth (use sub-sections).
Include images of each block.
Link the operation of each block to the underlying theory.
To get the best marks, you are expected to do further reading and not just rely on the lab notes (e.g. how does the LCD interface work?).

Software Description
If you followed good software engineering practice, your code should be split into different functions.
Present flowchart of the overall software flow.
You should not create a flowchart that mirrors the code line-by-line, it is more of a general overview.
If the flowchart is too simple, the reader would not be able implement the algorithm.
If the flowchart is too complex, it can be difficult for the reader to follow. Find the right balance.
Present flowcharts of each function.

Results and Testing
This corresponds to the technical merit of the project in the report rubric.

Present the testing of the temperature logger.
You can take images of the LCD screen using a camera demonstrating the functionality.
To achieve the highest marks, you are required to implement original features – ensure these are discussed here to obtain credit for them.

Discuss each of the aims and objectives presented in the introduction.
If you did not meet them, explain why.
Discuss how you could expand the project in fututre.

Reference any resources you have used.
Avoid the use of Wikipedia.
Use IEEE referencing style. There are good examples on the University of York website.

Paste your code into the appendix so that it can be run through Turnitin and checked for plagiarism/similarity with your classmates.

Do not use colourful/jazzy Word templates. They look amateurish and detract from the technical content.
Use sections and sub-sections to break the text up. Technical reports are not like essays. Section titles are normally bold and can be slightly larger font.
Use a consistent size for your images. Ensure they are of sufficient resolution. This is especially important for images with text in.
Create your own images, avoid copying from online. If you do, respect copyright and include a reference.
Taking pictures of images on the monitor using your smartphone is terrible practice and makes the report look amateurish. Use screen-shots.
If you take pictures of hardware, do it on a clear background (e.g. white paper) and clip as much as the background out as possible. Pictures of PCB’s on a messy lab bench look awful in a report!
Place images in between paragraphs. Do not embed them within paragraphs.
Write in the passive voice.
The multiplexer circuit was designed…

Do not write in the first person
I designed the multiplexer circuit…

Include page numbers and a table of contents.
Use consistent formatting. Do not jump between different fonts and font sizes within the body of the text (this usually happens when you cut-and-paste i.e. plagiarism!).
Write in full sentences. Avoid informal language.
The first time you use an abbreviation, you should include the expanded form e.g. SPI (Serial Peripheral Information).
Write clearly. I appreciate that English may not be your first language, but you are studying at an English-speaking University. If an explanation does not make sense, it detracts from the technical content.
For students who are registered with DSAS, your work is marked for content only.

Please you need to do the last WEEK#10 because i didn’t finish it , it will be next Tuesday our last lab of WEEK#10 , so you can do the experiment.

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