What aspect of their topic do you find most interesting?

brainstorm and comment

use simple english

write a brainstorm post about possible topics for your first essay. Posts should:


  • be at least 350 words long.
  • Consist of three elements:
  1. a list of three possible topics you could write about.
  2. two paragraphs–one for each of the two most likely topics you just listed. Write about what the benefits or drawbacks from writing about those topics might be, what your personal connection/interest in the topics are, and why your audience might like/dislike them.
  3. one paragraph–choose one of the two topics you just wrote about as the subject for your I-Search essay. Continue writing, including 5-10 research questions you have about it.

Then, comment on two classmates’ posts in around 75-150 words. You need to have at least one piece of advice in your feedback–what problems do you foresee them running into? How might they go about their research? What aspect of their topic do you find most interesting?


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