What stands out most to you about this chapter?

reading home work

please use a simple english

In a 400-500-word response, address the following questions/prompts. Your post will be much more likely to get full credit if you back up your points with specific references to the book, quoting, summarizing, and drawing details from what you’ve read. I recommend writing your responses up in a word processor, then copy/pasting it into the text field so you don’t lose anything.

  1. Point out a number of examples of Graff and Birkenstein modeling what they’re writing about. How do they demonstrate referring to others’ words in the first chapter, or summarizing in the second, or quoting in the third? What are your impressions about how they do these moves?
  2. Graff and Birkenstein claim that a good summary balances two things–what are they, and why are they both important? How are you in your ability to write summaries?
  3. What are some “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” that you can take from the chapter on quoting? What stands out most to you about this chapter?
  4. Cite three or four templates from these chapters that you could see yourself using. How might you use them?


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